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                                      Announcement of Sale

Hello people, Iím proud to announce the sale of the #1 custom knives URL I have sold the URL to Cam Hughes with Cam also has several other knife related URLís.

Iíve had this great URL since January 1st,1997, and itís helped sell a bunch of knives for me and all of my past clients. I feel sure Cam will carry on the tradition of selling quality knives and treating his customers fairly.

In the next couple of weeks, you can go to my new web site, to see the materials I will be selling. Please be patient will me, I have 31 years of accumulations to go through. Plus, last month I tore my rotator cuff on the shoulder I had totally replaced in April last year. My shoulder is basically in the same condition it was a year ago.

Again, I want to thank everyone that I have done business with since 1979.




In the next few weeks or so, I will be posting some nice Sambar Stag, and other fine handle materials. 

In early May, I had to format my Hard Drive. I lost all my contacts, including everyone that had previously stated they wanted a notice when I put up supplies and machines. Please click on the link below. Sorry for any convenience.

If you want to receive a notice when I post new material, please click HERE.

Payments by, Paypal (GIFTED only), Postal Money Order, Personal Check, or cash.

The machines will have to be picked up. No shipping.

If you want to receive a notice when I post new material, please click HERE.

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So you want to be a knife maker?

Ten Good Reasons To Ban Guns
A Satire by Bruce Gold

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I want to thank you for visiting my web site I'm A.T. Barr, I've made custom knives since 1979, and I'm a voting member of the Knifemaker's Guild. Although I plan on making knives for many more years, I'm also a purveyor of fine custom knives.

I sell other makers' and collectors' knives on consignment. I'm different than most purveyors. I am also a custom knife maker. With me being a maker, I am able to explain to a prospective buyer why a specific knife is sometimes two or three times more expensive than another. I've been making custom knives since '79 and have been a member of the Knifemakers' Guild since '95. Also, your custom knives are fully insured while at my home where they are stored in a large gun safe, and my home is fully wired with a professionally installed and monitored (ADT) alarm system. All custom knives are commercially insured while in transit to a knife show or when shipped to a buyer. 

If you are a collector who wants to move some of your collection, your name is never made public. It does not matter if you have one custom knife or 100 custom knives, I can sell your knives. Manufactured knives
do not sell well on my web site.

On, not only will you find current work, I receive knives directly from makers like Peter Martin, Glen Mikolajczyk, George Muller, Chad Nichols, Dave Ricke, Corrie Schoeman, Wayne Whittaker, and many other custom knife makers.

You will find knives from current world known knifemakers, such as Jerry Bodner, Bailey Bradshaw, Ed Brandsey, Walter Brend, Tim Britton, David Broadwell, Dan Burke, Fred Bruner, Fred Carter, Kit Carson,  Frank Centofante, D' Holder, Wayne Clay, Ken Coats, Ray Cover, Pat Crawford, Jerry Corbit, Terry Davis,  Herb Derr, Dave Dodd, Bob Dozier Allen Elishewitz, Mike Franklin, Don Fogg, Ed FowlerJoe Funderburg, Barry Gallagher, Frank Gamble, Ron Gaston, Chuck Gedraitis, Gil Hibben, Steve Johnson, Lloyd Hale, Steve Hoel, Ruffin Johnson, Bill Kennedy, Harvey King Jr, Joe Kious, Jot Singh Khalsa, Jimmy Lile, Schuyler Lovestrand, Gail Lunn, Larry Lunn, Stephen Mackrill, Jerry and Sandy McClure, Charlie McConnell, Don Morrow, Jody Muller, J. Neilson, Tom Overeynder, Warren Osborne, Mel Pardue,  W.D. 'Bill' Pease, Eldon Peterson, Jerry Rados, Scott Sawby, Herman Schneider, Eugene Shadley, Josh Smith,  Steve Schwarzer, Ken Steigerwalt, Johnny Stout, Bob Terzuola, Leon Thomson, P.J. Tomes, Howard Viele, Wayne Whittaker, R.W. Wilson, Michael Zscherny, and many other custom knifemakers.

From the past, knives made by: Andrew Blackton, Bob Conley, Dan Dagget, Rick Eaton,  Bob Enders, Don Hastings, Lance Kelly, Harvey McBurnette,  Aaron Pursley, John Salley, Bob Ogg, William Scagel, Corbet Sigman, Herman Schneider, Ben Shostle, Buster Warenski, T.J. Yancy, and many other custom knives made by other makers.

Some of these fine knives have Mosaic Damascus blades and bolsters. A lot of these knives have beautiful file work, Mammoth Ivory or Wooly Mammoth Ivory scales, Mother of Pearl, Black Lip Pearl, and pre-ban Elephant ivory. Several have beautiful engraving by Bailey Bradshaw, Bob Conley, Kathy Boone, Lance Kelly, Gil Rudolph, Old Dominion Engravers, Simon Lytton, Bruce Shaw, Harry Limings, Jody Muller, and beautiful scrimshaw by Kathy Boone, Tina Hanson, Gary (Garbo) Williams, and Ann Yancy.

Full information on selling your custom knife collection.  


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